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Mitzvot, Monotony, and Meaning

by Rabbi Dov Linzer Posted on March 21, 1998

Parshat Tzav continues with a discussion of the sacrifices to be brought in the Sanctuary, this time from the perspective of the priests that do the service. It concludes with a seven-day induction of Aaron and his sons into the priestly order. The parsha opens with the following verses: “The Lord spoke to Moses saying: Continue Reading »

A Mitzvah of Belief?

by Rabbi Dov Linzer Posted on February 2, 1998

In parshat Yitro, we reach the climax of the Exodus story. It has been just seven short weeks since God demonstrated His might to the Egyptians and Israelites, and now the Children of Israel arrive at Mount Sinai to directly encounter God, receive His commandments, and become a people, His people. Amidst the thunder and lightening Continue Reading »

Faith in God, Not Playing God

by Rabbi Dov Linzer Posted on December 15, 1997

Parsha Vayigash opens with the climactic moment in the Joseph saga. After having forced his brothers to bring down Benjamin by holding Simeon captive, Joseph plants his silver chalice in Benjamin’s bags and demands that Benjamin remain in Egypt as his slave. This parsha opens with Judah’s heartfelt entreaty to Joseph to spare Benjamin’s life Continue Reading »

The Test of God’s Silence

by Rabbi Dov Linzer Posted on November 22, 1997

Chaye Sarah relates the events of Abraham’s life that follow the akedah, the binding of Isaac. Sarah, Abraham’s wife of many years, dies and Abraham acquires a burial plot for her in the land of Cannan. Abraham then sends his servant to find a wife for his son Isaac, and, on the successful completion of Continue Reading »