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Ancient History: What is the Point of Learning Other People’s Stories?

by Rabbi Haggai ResnikoffPosted on August 3, 2017

  Judaism today sees itself as a civilization that honors history above most things. And the history that we venerate is almost always our own. The Torah, however, in various places emphasizes the importance of knowing other people’s histories. This actually appears odd to us (as well as to early sages) precisely because knowing the history of ancient peoples, particularly those that have disappeared in the wake of our arrival on the scene, seems irrelevant to identity formation which, for us, is history’s primary purpose.…

Five Pillars of Orthodox Judaism or Open Charedism

by Rabbi Asher LopatinPosted on August 2, 2017

Click here to read Rabbi Asher Lopatin’s article “Five Pillars of Orthodox Judaism or Open Charedism” originally published in Jewish Theology in Our Time: A New Generation Explores the Foundations & Future of Jewish Belief.…

Taking Back Modern Orthodox Judaism

by Rabbi Asher LopatinPosted on January 3, 2017

Modern Orthodoxy as it developed in 20th-century America was dynamic, vibrant, challenging, and filled with new insights into Judaism. This was made possible not by taking in the values of modernity wholesale but by maintaining a positive attitude toward those values and not opposing them merely because they were foreign.…

Writing Modern Midrash

by Rabbi Aryeh KlapperPosted on December 7, 2016

Existential Talmud Study in the Thought of Rav Shagar

by Rabbi Dr. Avi WalfishPosted on December 2, 2016

Rav Shagar, Rav Hutner and Emanuel Levinas: Confluence and Context

by Rabbi David BigmanPosted on December 2, 2016

Torah Study for Women in the Thought of Rav Shagar (Hebrew)

by Rabbanit Dr. Michal TikochinskyPosted on December 2, 2016

A Comparison of Rav Shagar’s and Other Parallel Approaches to Talmud Study

by Rabbi David BigmanPosted on December 2, 2016

What Is the Purpose of Teaching Talmud?

by Rabbi Aryeh KlapperPosted on November 29, 2016

Rav Lichtenstein’s Methodology of Reading Tanakh

by Rabbi Yaakov BeasleyPosted on October 27, 2016

Reading in the Dark: Strategies for Navigating Challenging Texts

by Dr. Tammy JacobowitzPosted on October 21, 2016

Midrashic Pedagogy: How the Rabbis Taught the Bible

by Rabbi David KasherPosted on October 21, 2016