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Dimensions: A Young Man’s Story of Torment: Surviving Depression

by Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot (Posted on July 5, 2016)
Topics: Machshava/Jewish Thought, Personal Status & Identity

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The fall of 1996 was an exciting time in my life: I had just started a new job coordinating the Judaic studies curriculum for Maayanot, a fledgling new high school for young women in Teaneck, New Jersey; I was teaching a few classes at Torah Academy of Bergen County, a local boys’ yeshivah high school and I was continuing to lecture at Drisha Institute for Jewish Education. My days were admittedly hectic. However, since my college years, I seemed to thrive on a full schedule, and truly enjoyed being exposed to different places and various populations. I had just returned to New York after spending a wonderful sabbatical year in Israel. While I was still single and looking for a soul mate, I was not particularly unhappy about my life situation. I thoroughly enjoyed my profession, considered myself a successful educator and felt fortunate for the opportunities I had to teach young people and help foster Torah growth and commitment.

Yet, about two weeks after school broke for Sukkot, I began feeling irritated and unhappy for no apparent reason…

This was originally published in Jewish Action in 2001. To read the full article, click here