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The Torah Learning Library of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah

Episode 27: Immersion – Swimming Pools and Mesiras Nefesh

by Rabbi Dov Linzer (Posted on January 29, 2019)

Rabbi Linzer looks at a host of teshuvot about mikvaot and explains the creative tools that Rav Moshe employs to assume that someone with parents who were not observant was not conceived during niddah.

To learn along with Rabbi Linzer follow the links below:

Iggros Moshe YD 4-17 Section 19 Concern about marrying someone conceived during niddah (a baal/baalat teshuvah)

Iggros Moshe YD 1-10 Can you immerse in a swimming pool with a filter?

Iggros Moshe OH 1-126 Can you immerse in a mikvah warmed on Shabbat (by a Jew)?

Iggros Moshe HM 1-42 Does building a mikvah take precedence over building a shul?