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Episode 56: Minyan – What Part of Davening is Tfillah BiTzibur?

by Rabbi Dov Linzer (Posted on January 21, 2024)

What halakhicly constitutes Tfillah biTzibur – our silent Shmoneh Esrei that we all say together in a minyan, or the repetition of the Shmoneh Esrei that the Shaliach Tzibbur says on our behalf? Are we a collection of distinct individuals or a single, undifferentiated unit? Hear how Rav Moshe rules on this issue and how this impacts questions such as whether to skip when one comes late, may on daven with a different nusach from everyone else, does starting Shmoneh Esrei after everyone else has already started count as tfillah bi’tzibbur, and whether you need 6 men or 10 men to be davening at the same time for it to be considered tfillah bi’tzibbur.