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Iggros Moshe A to Z: G is for Gender

by Rabbi Dov Linzer (Posted on January 14, 2019)

Episode 23

Rabbi Linzer looks at a famous teshuvah of Rav Moshe that takes on the challenge from feminism to the role of women in halakha and Jewish life. Why are women not obligated equally? Can halakha change to accommodate shifting social realities? Spoiler alert: it can’t.

Iggros Moshe OH 4-49 On the topic of Feminism

Episode 22

Two teshuvot about a woman serving as a mashgicha – granting hashgacha to a restaurant. Is it allowed? Is there a concern about serarah? Rabbi Linzer asks and Rav Moshe answers.

Iggros Moshe YD 2-44 Can a woman grant a hashgacha?

Iggros Moshe YD 2-45 More about a woman granting hashgacha

Episode 21

A begged isha episode – what does Rav Moshe think about men using mirrors or dying their hair? Also, a begged ish question – can a woman bear arms?

To learn along with Rabbi Linzer, follow the links to the teshuvot:

Iggros Moshe YD 1-82 A Man Taking Pills to Color Hair

Iggrot Moshe YD 2-61 Looking in a Mirror for Men

Iggros Moshe OH 4-75 Section 3 Can a Woman Bear Arms?