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Iggros Moshe A to Z: H is for Halakhic Methodology

by Rabbi Dov Linzer (Posted on January 21, 2019)

Episode 25

Rabbi Linzer looks at two teshuvot – about a Cohen going to medical school and a woman going to the mikvah wearing earplugs – to identify the limits and features of Rav Moshe’s philosophy of halakha and psak.

Iggros Moshe YD 3-155 Can A Cohen go to Med School?

Iggros Moshe YD 1-101 Can A Woman with an Ear Infection wear an earplug in the Mikvah?

Episode 24

Rabbi Linzer looks at Rav Moshe’s introduction to his responsa, in which he outlines his philosophy of halakha and psak and explains how he feels comfortable publishing his teshuvot given the individualized nature of psak.

Iggros Moshe OH – Hakdama (Introduction)