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The Torah Learning Library of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah

Written by Dr. Biti Roi

About Dr. Biti Roi

Dr. Biti Roi is a Senior Fellow of the Kogod Research Center Contemporary Jewish Thought and the academic coordinator and adviser for North American seminars at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Israel. Dr. Roi holds a Ph.D fron Bar Ilan University and is a lecturer in the Department of Jewish Thought at the Ben Gurion University, where she teaches kabbalah and Hasidut. She was a leader and participant in the first cohort of the Beit Midrash for Israeli Rabbis, and teaches at the Shalom Hartman Institute for various programs in Israel and abroad. She has won several prizes and post doctorate fellowships (Kreitman, Polack, Elyashar) at Ben-Gurion University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her book, Love of Shekhina: Mysticism and Poetics in Tiqqunei ha-Zohar, was awarded the Matanel World Union of Jewish Studies Prize for the best book in Jewish Studies 2014-2017.