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Written by Rabbi Dov Lerea

Is Swimming for Pleasure Permitted on Shabbat?

Posted on December 22, 2016
From the Lindenbaum Center for Halakhic Studies

About Rabbi Dov Lerea

Rabbi Dov Lerea has been a professional educator for the past 35 years. Rabbi Dov served for many years as the Dean of Judaic Studies of the Abraham Joshua Heschel School in New York, and as the Director of Education at Camp Yavneh in Northwood, New Hampshire. Rabbi Dov has also served as the Director of Secondary Education at Boston Hebrew College, a faculty member at the Drisha Institute for Jewish Education, and a faculty member for the Wexner Heritage Foundation. Most recently, Rabbi Dov was the Director of KIVUNIM, an innovative gap-year program located in Jerusalem. Rabbi Dov has an AB from Brown University in Religious Studies, an MA and Rabbinic degree from the Jewish Theological Seminary, a Rabbinic degree from the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, an MA in Learning and Teaching from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and an Ed.D. from the Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education at JTS.