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The Torah Learning Library of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah

Written by Rabbi Dov Linzer

Leadership, Humility and Respect

Posted on June 18, 1998

Serving God Ideally

Posted on May 8, 1998

Brit Milah, Covenant and Partnership

Posted on April 4, 1998

Mitzvot, Monotony, and Meaning

Posted on March 21, 1998

A Mitzvah of Belief?

Posted on February 2, 1998

Faith in God, Not Playing God

Posted on December 15, 1997

The Test of God’s Silence

Posted on November 22, 1997

About Rabbi Dov Linzer

Rabbi Dov Linzer is the President and Rosh HaYeshiva of YCT Rabbinical School. Having served as YCT’s Rosh HaYeshiva for over 20 years, Rabbi Linzer became its President in 2019 and assumed both the institutional and Torah-based leadership of YCT. In this dual capacity, Rabbi Linzer has set the vision for YCT as a Center of Torah and Torah Leadership, and, with an amazing team of colleagues and partners, oversees its growth, reach, and further development. An acclaimed Torah and halakha scholar, Rabbi Linzer has been a leading rabbinic voice in the Modern Orthodox community for over 25 years. He has published over 100 teshuvot (responsa) and scholarly Torah articles, and hosts a number of highly popular Torah podcasts. In his capacity as a mentor, Rabbi Linzer provides religious guidance to the yeshiva’s students and the over 150 YCT-ordained rabbis who are serving in the field. He answers hundreds of halakhic questions from YCT rabbis and broader community each year, which are available to the public on his blog,