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Will the Real Shabbat Please Stand Up: The Sabbath in the Two Versions of the Aseret Hadibrot

by Rabbi Dov Linzer
Posted on July 19, 2020

Zakhor and Megillah For Those Under Quarantine

Question: Can people under quarantine fulfil the mitzvah of megillah by listening on the telephone or by participating via Zoom or the like?  What can these people do regarding listening to parashat Zakhor?   Summary: For megillah – One may rely on those Aharonim who rule that a person fulfils his or her obligation.…

Rema’s Understanding of Reheating Liquid Foods on Shabbat

Introduction The mishnah in Shabbat 145b states: “Anything that has been prepared in hot water prior to Shabbat, may be immersed in hot water on Shabbat.” From here we learn the principle of ein bishul ahar bishul (one does not violate the Biblical prohibition of cooking when reheating food that has already been cooked).…

Is There Anything I May Do on Shabbat to Prepare for Yom Tov?

  This weekend, we will celebrate another marathon holiday – Shabbat followed by Shavuot. Shavuot, occurring later in spring, presents its own challenges of time: each day of the holiday, as with all yamim tovim, does not begin until dark, but as preparing for one day of the holiday on the previous one (or on Shabbat for Yom Tov) is forbidden, any preparations not done before the holiday may not begin until very late in the evening.…

Divine Sparks: Shabbat, Electricity

by Rabbi Dov Linzer
Posted on March 8, 2017

This is a source sheet to accompany the panel that took place in Jerusalem on January 5, 2017 titled, “Divine Sparks: Shabbat, Electricity” To listen to the audio from the panel, click on the following audio link: Below is a summary of the main ways in which poskim have tried to put the use of electricity, when it does not involve any other melakha (e.g.,…

Is Swimming for Pleasure Permitted on Shabbat?

Composting Within An Eruv

Electricity and Shabbat: An Exploration Into the Nature of Kedushat Shabbat

by Rabbi Dov Linzer
Posted on October 21, 2016

Warming Tray on Shabbat

Saying Al Ha’Nissim on Yom Ha’atzmaut

The Mitzvah of Shofar

by Rabbi Dov Linzer
Posted on August 4, 2016

This shiur focuses on the question of whether the mitzvah of shofar on Rosh HaShana is to blow or to hear the shofar. In addition to addressing some of the halakhic aspects of that question, it attempts to see how the טעמי המצוה interact with its halakhic formulation, and how this enables a fuller way of resolving some of the halakhic tensions between hearing and blowing.…

Snow on Shabbat