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The Torah Learning Library of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah

Milin Havivin Vol. 7 – Beloved Words

Volume 7 – 2013-2014


Judaism and Artistic Creativity: Despite Maimonides and Thanks to Him – Menachem Kellner

The Meaning of Beauty – Tobi Kahn

Visual Art and Judaism – Jill Nathanson

Lernen To See: “Modernity,” Torah and the Study of Jewish “Art” – Steven Fine

Artistic Engagement with Halakhah – Ben Schachter

Contemporary Jewish Art: The Challenge – Richard McBee

“My Beloved is Like a Gazelle”: The Esthetic Messiah (An Essai in Rabbinic Surrealism, or Another Jewish Bestiary) – Bezalel Naor

A Jewish Art – Susan Nashman Fraiman


Beit Midrash in Motion – Dalia Davis


What’s Jewish about FELA!? – Ruth Hendel


The Torah as Song and the Rabbinic Sage as Troubadour – James A. Diamond


Poetry and the Complexities of Remembrance: An Appeal – David Mahan


Mount Moriah and the Labyrinth: Back to the Sources in A. B. Yeshoshua’s Mr. Mani – Joseph Lowin

Some Personal Reflections on Literary Artistry in the Bible – Marc Zvi Brettler


“Fear Not”: ‘Our Man’ Robert Redford in J. C. Chandor’s “All Is Lost” – Daniel Ross Goodman

A Judaism Engaged with the Arts

Some Notes on Religion and the Arts – Daniel Ross Goodman

Tanakh and Jewish Thought

The Relationship Between Tisha B’av and the Book of Job – David Fried

Torah im Derekh Eretz as a Means of Last Resort – Marc B. Shapiro

The Necessity of Appointing Rabbis who are Knowledgeable in Torah and Secular Studies to Serve as Rabbis in the State of Israel (Hebrew) – Marc B. Shapiro