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The Torah Learning Library of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah

Meorot – Tishrei 5770/2009

Special Edition on Modern Orthodox Education

Editor’s Introduction to Tishrei 5770 Edition
Nathaniel Helfgot

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On Modern Orthodox Day School Education
Scot A. Berman, Todd Berman, Shlomo (Myles) Brody, Yitzchak Etshalom, Yoel Finkelman, David Flatto Zvi Grumet, Naftali Harcsztark, Rivka Kahan, Miriam Reisler, Jeremy Savitsky


What Should a Yeshiva High School Graduate Know, Value and Be Able to Do?
Moshe Sokolow
Responses by Jack Bieler, Yaakov Blau, Erica Brown, Aaron Frank, Mark Gottlieb

The Economics of Jewish Education
The Tuition Hole: How We Dug It and How to Begin Digging Out of It
Allen Friedman

The Economic Crisis and Jewish Education
Saul Zucker

Striving for Cognitive Excellence
Jack Nahmod

To Teach Tsniut with Tsniut
Tamar Biala

Review Essay

Life Values and Intimacy Education: Health Education for the Jewish School, Yocheved Debow and Anna Woloski-Wruble, eds.
Jeffrey Kobrin