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The Torah Learning Library of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah

Meorot – Tishrei 5772/2011

Tishrei 5772 Edition: The Covenant in Jewish Life

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Fate & Faith: The Ongoing Covenants
Benjamin D. Levy

The Covenant and its Theology
Eugene Korn

Covenant, Women, and Circumcision: Formulating a Covenantal Simhat Bat Ceremony
Sharon R. Siegel

Selling Land in Israel to Gentiles
Shlomo Riskin

Does Maimonides Require Acceptance of Commandments for Conversion?
Joshua E. Broyde  & Michael J. Broyde 

The Daled Amot of Halakhah

On Women Joining in a Zimmun
Yonatan Gershon
Responses by Ya’akov Medan and Mikhal Tikochinsky

Review Essays

The Three Blessings: Boundaries, Censorship, and Identity in Jewish Liturgy by Yoel Kahn
Reviewed by Tamar Jacobowitz

The Greening of American Orthodox Judaism: Yavneh in the 1960’s by Benny Kraut
Reviewed by Jeffrey S. Gurock