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Archive: May 2023

The March of Flags

by Rabbi Josh Pernick
Posted on May 18, 2023

There‚Äôs something remarkable about flags. A simple wooden pole, with a designed fabric attached, can immediately inspire within us intense feelings of camaraderie or revulsion. Friend or foe is often decided based on what is depicted in that design. While flags carry such strong associative connections for us today, their connective capabilities were clear even in the times of our ancestors in the wilderness.…

picture of a green salad with cherry tomatoes and carrots on a white plate on what looks like the table of a restaurant. looks delicious.

Parshat Noach: Why God Would Rather Just Have the Salad

by Rabbi Dov Linzer
Posted on October 7, 2021

The classic metaphor for America used to be that of the melting pot. People came from all different countries, cultures, backgrounds, and languages. They would come to America, and they would get homogenized and Americanized into one indistinguishable whole. Now a different metaphor has gained preeminence, and that is the metaphor of the salad bowl.…