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Why Didn’t Moshe Rabbeinu Apologize After the Sin at Mei Meriva?

by Rabbi Hayyim AngelPosted on November 28, 2016

The Comfort of Job’s Friends: A Study in Intertextual Irony

by Rabbi Shmuel KlitsnerPosted on November 28, 2016

The End of Sefer Melakhim: Did Jews Remain in Israel After the Galut?

by Dr. Shawn Zelig AsterPosted on November 28, 2016

Seeking Structure in the Book of Shoftim

by Dean Rachel FriedmanPosted on November 28, 2016

Devarim: Structure and Theology in the Book of Devarim

by Dr. Aaron KollerPosted on November 28, 2016

The Camp of Israel and the Space of Yaakov

by Rabbi Nachman LevinePosted on November 28, 2016

Speaking Truth to Power

by Rabbi Dov LinzerPosted on November 23, 2016

Our responsibility to speak truth to power and protect victims of injustice, whether Jew or non-Jew, is a major theme of one of the central stories of parashat VaYeira, the story of Avraham arguing with God to defend Sodom and Amorah. …

Job: How Does One Understand God’s Ways?

by Rabbi Eric LevyPosted on November 23, 2016

Exodus Themes in the Galut Bavel Narratives

by Dr. Aaron KollerPosted on November 23, 2016

The Giveaite Concubine’s Father and the Father in Law Leitscene

by Rabbi Francis NatafPosted on November 23, 2016

Is the Torah Strictly Monotheistic?

by Dr. Leeor GottliebPosted on November 23, 2016

The “Gap Years” in Sefer Bemidbar; Unpacking the Second Half of the Book

by Rabbi Menachem LeibtagPosted on November 23, 2016