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Category: Noach

Noah, Superman and Global Warming

by Rabbi Dov Linzer
Posted on November 2, 2016

God creates a perfect, self-sustaining planet, teaming with life. God places human beings in it and gives them seemingly divine powers: rule over all living things, and the ability to build, create, transform, and take mastery over the entire planet (Breishit 1:28-29).…

Killing Killers: Is the Death Penalty Good for the Jews?

by Rabbi Haggai Resnikoff
Posted on November 2, 2016

  There is significant tension in the Torah literature regarding the death penalty. On one hand, the written Torah clearly supports the use of the death penalty although it is not so clear why. On the other hand, the Rabbis seem to be uncomfortable with it, apparently out of concerns for judicial error and perhaps also because of their discomfort with direct retaliation.…

Of Floods and Fertility: Bereishit 1-11 in Its Ancient Near Eastern Context

by Dr. Shalom Holtz Posted on November 1, 2016

Does Judaism Believe in Fallen Angels? (Ch. 6)

by Rabbi Yitzchak Blau Posted on November 1, 2016

De-Constructing and Reconstructing the Tower of Babel

by Rabbi Nachman Levine Posted on October 26, 2016

Noah’s Raven

by Miriam Gedwiser Posted on October 26, 2016

The Biblical Flood in Its Ancient Near Eastern Context

by Dr. Deena Grant Posted on October 26, 2016

Migdal Bavel: The Power of One

by Dr. Tammy Jacobowitz Posted on October 21, 2016

Unity Not Uniformity

by Rabbi Dov Linzer
Posted on October 14, 2015

“And from there the Lord scattered them over the face of the entire Earth” (Breishit, 11:8). What was the sin of the Tower of Babel, and why was it necessary to scatter them and create many languages? Are not geographical distance and the differences of language and culture the primary bases of misunderstanding and fear of the other?…

Self-Restraint and Self-Contraction

by Rabbi Dov Linzer
Posted on October 19, 2012

What was the sin of the Generation of the Flood? The verses repeat that they had “corrupted their way”, which the Rabbis tell us refers to idolatry and sexual sin. And yet this is not what had sealed their fate, for the verse states: “The end of all flesh has come before Me, because the land is filled with hamas – understood by the Rabbis as “robbery” – through them.”(6:13).…

How Humankind Became Adults: The Challenges of Knowing Good and Evil

by Rabbi Dov Linzer
Posted on October 28, 2011

It is just a few hundred years since the world has been created, and everything has gone to pot. When the world was freshly minted and created, we heard the refrain with each act of creation, “And God saw that it was good,” and that the world as a whole was “exceedingly good.” Now, humans have come and made a mess of everything, and a different refrain is heard: “And God saw that “massive was the evil of man on the earth, and all the thoughts of his heart were only evil the entire day.” (Breishit 6:5).…

The Power of Names

by Rabbi Dov Linzer
Posted on October 23, 2009

In parshat Noach, the months get great play. All the events of the flood are dated by the month in which they occurred – “in the seventh month,” “in the tenth month,” and so on. However, as is clear from Rashi, because of the lack of proper names for the months, it is very hard to know which months are being referred to.…