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The Relationship Between Parashat Vayikra and Parashat Tzav

by Rabbi Mosheh LichtensteinPosted on November 1, 2016

Sacrifices? What Sense Does that Make?

by Rabbi Dov LinzerPosted on March 17, 2016

The second half of the book of Shemot focused on creating the Mishkan as a Sanctuary in which God Godself could dwell among the Children of Israel. In contrast, the book of Vayikra focuses on what is done in that Sanctuary: first and foremost, the bringing of sacrifices. What is the connection between sacrifices and the Temple? The Torah Continue Reading »

Smelling Good…

by Rabbi Dov LinzerPosted on March 19, 2015

“The priest shall bring it all, and burn it upon the altar: it is a burnt sacrifice, an offering made by fire, a sweet savor unto the Lord” (Vayikra, 1:13). We are told eight times in this week’s parasha that the sacrifices are a “sweet savor” to God. This graphic anthropomorphism of God is challenging to modern Continue Reading »

Does God Need our Sacrifices?

by Rabbi Dov LinzerPosted on March 7, 2014

The building of the Mishkan which took up the second half of the Book of Shemot, focused on creating a Sanctuary as a place for God’s Presence to dwell, for God Godself to dwell among the Children of Israel.  In contrast, the book of Vayikra focuses on what is done in that Sanctuary – which is, Continue Reading »

A Thought on the Parsha

by Rabbi Dov LinzerPosted on March 14, 2013

There is a well-know debate regarding the desirability of sacrifices.  Rambam, like many moderns, was also bothered by the institution of sacrifices, and stated that God had only commanded them as a concession to human weakness. In his Guide to the Perplexed (III:32), he states that God commanded them as a way of weaning the Continue Reading »

Tzav and Vayikra – Some Additional Thoughts

by Rabbi Dov LinzerPosted on March 22, 2011

In another post we discussed the differences between Tzav and Vayikra, focusing on the order in which the korbanot are listed.    As a wrap-up of that discussion, here are some additional differences worth noting: Tzav’s discussion of the olah is very brief (6:1-6), without an enumeration of all the possible different animals.  What type of animals can Continue Reading »

What Is Most Dear to Us that We Bring to God?

by Rabbi Dov LinzerPosted on March 19, 2010

Parshat Vayikra introduces us into the world of korbanot. The institution of sacrifices is a very difficult concept for many today. How do we understand why God would want or need sacrifices? And even if they are for us, as a way to connect to God, the acts involved in bringing sacrifices – slaughtering, sprinkling the blood, Continue Reading »