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If you have enjoyed the Torah in our online library, please consider donating to help us continue to provide access high quality Jewish learning to the broader community free of charge.

Ramban notes that after the outpouring of donations to build the Mishkan, the commandment to build the vessels of the Mishkan is in the singular: “you shall build.” The only exception is the construction of the aron ha’kodesh, the Holy Ark, where God states, “And they shall make an ark of acacia wood.”  The reason for this exception, explains Ramban, is that the ark is the container that holds and protects the Torah and that allows God’s Torah to be carried out into the larger world.  It is therefore imperative that everyone participate in the making of the ark, so that everyone can have a portion in the protecting and disseminating of Torah.

This mitzvah can be your mitzvah as well; you, too, can be a part of building the aron ha’kodesh.  Please give generously.  Yours will be a gift that will help bring Jewish learning to so many others and ensure that everyone has a portion in the Torah.

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